What are Foods for Healthy Teeth?

What are Foods for Healthy Teeth?

What we eat has a lot to do with the kind of teeth we possess. We know there are food items we should not eat as they cause great harms to the dental hygiene. Similarly, we know there are foods we should eat on a regular basis to boost the health of the teeth and bones alike. Therefore, it becomes important to know all food items that we should eat so that the teeth can remain as healthy as we wish them to be. Not eating healthy foods means compromising with the health and hygiene of the teeth, which no one should ever do.

Here are some healthy foods you should eat on a regular basis to keep the teeth healthy –


Foods for Healthy TeethApples are indeed sweet in nature but they are not harmful since they are rich in fibre and water. They help produce saliva in the mouth which takes away food particles and harmful bacteria. More so, the fibre help stimulate the gums and keep the dental health intact.


Foods for Healthy TeethCarrots are a rich source of fibre. Besides, they are crunchy too. They help produce saliva in the mouth in the same manner as apples do. Eating carrots on a regular basis minimizes the risk of cavities. What’s more, carrots have vitamin A in abundance to strengthen the teeth and bone.

Leafy Greens

Foods for Healthy TeethEating foods rich in vitamins and minerals is great for your dental health. And that’s where leafy greens do the trick. Above all, they are low in calories as well. Together with promoting oral health, they boost the enamel of the teeth due to the presence of calcium. They are considered helpful in keeping gum diseases at bay.


Foods for Healthy TeethDairy products in general, and cheese in particular are considered great for dental health. They are rich in calcium and protein – two of the most important elements for strong and healthy teeth. More so, yogurt contains helpful bacteria that are considered good for rooting out gum diseases completely.


Foods for Healthy TeethAny food item that is low in sugar yet high in calcium and protein can be extremely helpful for dental health. This is where almonds help a lot and gives one a healthy teeth. So, with regular consumption of almonds, you can get health teeth for sure.


Foods for Healthy TeethCheese minimizes the risk of tooth decay. It increases the level of pH in the mouth and also helps produce saliva. Being rich in calcium and protein, it helps boost the tooth enamel and leave one with healthy teeth.


Foods for Healthy TeethDentists recommend celery as it brushes away food particles and bacteria from the teeth. More so, it’s a rich source of vitamins A and C to keep you away from gum diseases. So, including celery in your diet on a regular basis is a great way to improve your dental health.

Overall, you should be careful with the food items you eat as not all of them are meant to support your dental health. So, eat only healthy foods and get healthy teeth.