Tips To Eradicate Dark Underarms

Tips To Eradicate Dark Underarms

Usually, those people who primarily are obese or diabetic tend to show the symptoms of Acanthosis Nigricans – hyper-pigmentation of the skin – that changes the color of their skin either to black or brown depending on the severity.

What Exactly Dark Underarms Mean?

The color is not the major concern as it is not going to affect the body directly or indirectly. But, it directly becomes a major obstacle especially concerning women’s beauty. These can be treated with organic medicines and allopaths as well.

What Is The Root Cause Of Dark Underarms?

1. Type 2 Diabetes

2. Changes in Hormones

3. Obese personalities

4. Ethnicity

5. Side-effects of Some Medicines – Birth control pills or pills containing niacin, might affect underarm skin color.

Tips to get rid of dark underarms very easily and effectively



Advantages: Potatoes are mildly acidic in nature and hence skin-friendly, which do not irritate the armpit skin.


1. Two to three times in a day, scrub a small-sized potato slice gently on the armpits. OR

2. a. Grate one small-sized potato.

b. Gently pat the pulp/juice on the underarm skin. Let it dry for 30 minutes

c. Wash the area with warm water.

3. For better results repeat each process on alternate days, for 30-35 days.



Advantages: It contains almost all the organic bleaching properties, which lightens the skin color.


1. Scrub a small-sized cucumber slice gently on the armpits around 2-3 times a day. OR

2. Grated cucumber can be gently applied on the armpits around 2 times a day.

3. a. Prepare juice of 1 medium-sized cucumber. Strain it.

b. Blend it with lemon juice (few drops) and organic turmeric powder.

c. Apply it on the armpit

d. Let it dry for 30 minutes.


Advantages: Lemon is a perfect mix of skin-friendly properties that are antiseptic, antibacterial and slightly acidic in nature. Hence it lightens the dark spots at a rapid pace but this remedy requires moisturizer after every use as the skin tends to dry. Lemon helps in removing dead skin cells as well!


1. Scrub a small lemon slice (sprinkled with little sugar on top) on the underarms gently for few minutes. Let it dry for 10 minutes.

2. After 15 minutes wash it with lukewarm water. A mixture of lemon juice and sugar enhances exfoliation (removing dead skin cells) process.

3. a. Mix thoroughly curd (or yogurt), honey, organic turmeric powder, and lemon juice.

b. Apply it on the underarms very gently.

c. Let it dry for 10 minutes.

d. Wash it with warm water

4. Repeat both the process for 4 times a week.

Orange Peel


Advantages: Full of organic skin lightening properties.


1. Let the orange peels dry in hot sun till all the water content is removed

2. Grind these peels into a very soft powder.

3. Blend this paste with milk and rose water to form a viscous paste.

4. Rub this paste gently on your armpits and let it dry for around 30 minutes.

5. Wash it with cold water.

6. Repeat the process thrice a week.

Coconut Oil

Advantages: Blended with dual advantages, coconut oil contains high Vitamin E and benefits by becoming a natural roll-on.


1. Rub coconut oil with a gentle hand on the affected area. Massage it for 15 minutes.

2. Use warm water and mild soap to wash the oil off the armpit

3. Repeat the process 2 times a day.