Living with Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symptoms & Treatments

Living with Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symptoms & Treatments

Article kind of documenting the whole experience I’ve had living with the corona virus and the symptoms and and just everything I’ve been going through for the last week. First, I want to thank you all for the incredible support. You’Ve been showing, since I came out about this, you guys have been flooding our YouTube, blog and Facebook with very positive energy and comments and prayers, especially.

I really thank you guys for that. I can’t tell you how much that’s really touched me right here, but it’s been rough. I mean it’s been kind of dealing with not only the symptoms of what I’m going through, but the isolation and everything not being able to work not being able to go out. Not being able to you know, interact with people like I normally do is, is quite challenging so to just kind of document the whole experience on February 28th, I had a visitor that came from a show that was at the Tampa CDA show and he wanted to Come and check out the new RB h, SB TRS, speaker system that I’m reviewing he wanted to here.

It is this is an older gentleman that that that is a marketing person for a media company. That’S trying to work with audio holics on the new smart home project, so I invited him to come out and take a listen to the speakers and he showed up on February 28th and I invited him in gave him a drink. Put on some tunes. We discussed the speakers, we discussed business about an hour and a half meeting. You know pretty normal stuff shook hands and parted our ways well about.

I guess about three days later. You know I started feeling bad stomach cramps and which led to like diarrhea – and I just assumed they’d something bad the night before or I just was consuming too much coffee because I loved coffee – and I just didn’t really think much of it and I just kind Of endured it for a day or two, and then I woke up one morning, I was just completely lethargic. I had like no energy, like I didn’t sleep at all.

I just felt, like my whole body crashed. It was quite debilitating just feeling like that, but I try to go through it and I try to just hop myself up on caffeine and just go about my daily life and then the next day it was just it was getting worse. Like I started getting a lot of body pain and again at that point I just assumed, because I have so many pre-existing conditions. I have herniated discs in my back a lot of weight, lifting injuries for my youth.

I just you know assumed that was just feeling that, but it wasn’t until the day after that I started realizing, maybe I’m sick. I started having a sore throat irritated ears, all that stuff and again I assumed it was just part of either a pollen issue, because I live in Florida and I have severe sinus sinus issues. I just assumed all these different things were because I’m suffering from a common cold and I kind of pushed through it for a few days and then on Saturday.

I woke up and it was feeling a lot better and I decided it’s time to get my life back to normal. I spent almost a week at home, not going out cuz. I wasn’t feeling that great so Saturday I went to the gym and I did my workout and that was you know I did my bench presses. I did my elliptical all that stuff and I was fortunate. I didn’t come in contact with anybody at the gym. I went during the day when it was not very crowded and I wiped down everything before and after I used the machines.

It’S just how I am I’m kind of you know little bit of a neat freak with that stuff. I’M germaphobe, if you will so I got home and I was feeling good that day. I was happy that I was able to get back into my normal routine in life and then Sunday I woke up and I crashed again. I literally had no energy, and I was just not feeling great, but I tried my best to just. Do. Family activities go out with my mom and my brother cuz.

They wanted to look for new houses and went out to a restaurant, and I got home and I was just not feeling the greatest, but not feeling like really horrible and then Monday is when I came into my office here, because I work from home. As you guys know, and I was just trying to answer emails and then I got a call – and I got a call from one of the gentlemen that visited me on the 28th and he let me know that the first he asked me how I was feeling And I told him that feeling that great, I honestly I’m thinking about going to see a doctor.

That’S when he told me his colleague tested positive for a corona virus and he and his wife are now in the ICU and Louisville Kentucky, and I just kind of like gasped, like I thought at first it was a joke or something like I just. How can this happen to me this? You know this is all new. There was only a few cases in the United States when we found out about this. What are the odds? You know, I’m a mathematical kind of inclined person.

I just don’t think, stick I didn’t think statistically. It was significant that I can get something like that, but I also didn’t realize that this gentleman was traveling overseas before he came to visit me and otherwise I would have probably been more cautious and that had someone in my house knowing what’s going on right now. So I called my doctor and she got ahold of the health department and they coordinated to get me tested in Wesley.

Chapel had been health group at the hospital which is about a 35-minute drive for me and just to be clear. It’S not easy to get tested for this. I know that you see in the in the media that they’re saying you know, there’s a perfect test that anybody can get it. That’S not the case, it’s very difficult to get tested. The only way they test you now is, if you were in direct contact with someone with coronavirus and you’re, showing symptoms, that’s the only way he could get it tested.

As far as I know so, I went to the hospital on Monday night and I went to the ER where I put a mask on and they put me in an isolated area of the of the ER, and they literally kept me in that room. For about four or five hours – and I froze my butt off – they wouldn’t give me any liquids, and it was just not a fun thing. They checked me for strap that was negative for strep. They checked me for a pneumonia was negative for pneumonia.

They checked me for the regular flu influenza and I didn’t have that either, so they concluded that it’s possible that I have the coronavirus and they gave me that test, and it was quite painful for me because I have sinus issues to begin with and they shove You know a stick up my nose for lack of a better term for what it’s called and they did it twice. So they sent the samples off to two different locations to get tested and they told me it would take 48 hours to get the results, but that I should go home and be quarantined well just being in that hospital for four or five hours and not drinking Anything just kind of put a toll on me.

Like the whole time I was sick. I never had a fever. It never went above. Ninety nine point two, which is why I didn’t think I was that bad, but when I was at that Hospital towards the end it spiked to 102 point five and I had to drive home like that at 2:30 in the morning, because you know nobody could drive Me – and that was pretty tough, because I just really felt rundown drained from that whole experience and that’s the thing I noticed about this coronavirus thing: it’s like you, think, you’re feeling better and everything’s okay.

But then, if you do something, that’s physically taxing, it just hits. You really hard again like just trying to produce content or doing it. You know a article or doing some interviews. I did some interviews with the local news blogs through Skype. I kind of regret some of that, because that was pretty taxing and I was misquoted and some of that stuff, but anyways I’m just trying to get the information out and if, if you guys feel like you’re starting out with a stomachache, I mean I’ve talked to Other people that have had coronavirus as well and it started out with a stomachache, mild, diarrhea kind of stuff body chills.

Even if you don’t have a high temperature, the body chills were constant with me, the body pains and then the intermittent sore throat and ear aches. That’S kind of the stuff and then even if you have like depression, which I suffer from a mild case of that got worse, it’s like any pre-existing condition that I had just felt a lot worse like ten times worse since I’ve had this coronavirus thing and the Best thing I could say is you do need rest.

I wish I could get more rest, it’s not so easy being so isolated from every and relying on other people to do stuff. For me, I hate that, but rest is key. Tylenol eight-hour extra strength. You ought the rightest version that has been like my godsend every eight hours. I take that to control the fever and it’s really health. It also controls my body pain that just works. For me. I also use a nebulizer treatment with a butyl and a couple of different meds.

I forgot, which ones my wife put in it. My wife’s a nurse so she’s been kind of really taking good care of me, but the buter all the nebulizer treatments to help with the tightness of my chest, even though I don’t have pneumonia, it just feels like someone is sitting on my chest all the time. So that’s been helpful and then I take a prescription, strength, coffee, medicine, just to to slow down that coffee and it’s not a wet coffee, it’s more of a dry cough, but it’s persistent and it’s annoying.

So those kind of things really help. Of course, the regular vitamins, vitamin C energy boosters that kind of stuff our bond is another thing. I think I take to boost your immunity. So a lot of liquids. I do find drinking hot teas kind of helps, kind of calm me and make me feel a little bit better. I’Ve been drinking a lot of coconut water. I think the electrolytes are important to get back into your body.

I lost like eight pounds since this whole ordeal and a lot of it, I’m sure, is water weight, but also I’m not working out or anything right now. So I hope this helps you guys understand and not fear this coronavirus thing. The hardest part is just to being isolated from everybody. Unfortunately, my daughter can’t go to school. Now they close their school down and, as you guys know, the NBA closed down hockey close down Disney just closed down, so this is going to be far-reaching.

Unfortunately, before it gets better and aside from the people that are sick, which is the worst of it, I am worried too, because our business is kind of suffering already we lost two advertisers, at least temporarily, because they can’t produce product. They can’t get the stuff because of what’s going on in China, so this has been hitting it’s been affecting their business and it’s affecting our business indirectly as well.

I’M worried about the housing market. How that’s going to affect that. But you know what we got to live it one day at a time and not panic and kind of work together as a community and treat people with you mainly just because someone has this coronavirus, you know don’t treat them like it’s the death plague or whatever Most people, I think 80 % of people that are healthy recover from this. It is a little bit more persistent than a regular flu.

I could tell you that much normally I get off of a flu. I get I recover from a flu within four or five days. This has been now eight or nine days and I’m still kind of struggling with it. So it is different than the regular flu for sure and just protect yourself and protect your family and the understanding of those that have this, because it’s probably a lot more people that have it. Then you realize in the United States right now, just because they’re doing they’re having a hard time being able to diagnose everybody, there’s enough testing, that’s being able to be done right now, so I hope this helps guys.

I did one more article. I did a kind of a fun article on most influential speakers that I grew up with. When I found out, I had the corona virus to kind of get my mind off of it, but the contents going to be slow for a little bit. I hope you guys understand that again. I appreciate all the support. I just can’t believe like people in the industry that I haven’t talked to in years that have emailed me.

You know, colleagues, friends, just people that maybe aren’t even friends. Even competitors from other magazines have reached out and gave me their best wishes, and I really appreciate that guys. It makes you really feel like there is a greater good in humanity that we will get through this together and stay vigilant and be fair and be kind to people and stay safe. You know, keep your hands clean practice.

Good hygiene maybe lay off the handshakes for a while until we get this thing of the wraps and yeah. That’S it again, thanks for all the great comments, my friends and until next time keep listening.