Is Oat Milk Healthy ?

Is Oat Milk Healthy ?

Oat milk is soaring in popularity. Here’s why you should consider including it in your next grocery look or perhaps creating it from home.

Boosting foods you probably haven’t tried before plus their favorite $ 5.00 food fines we’re going to start with the next level hot sauce, give you a metabolism smack. Is it late you on fire? It is called harissa Arisa, so why is this your new favorite, healthy, conquer, love, love? This is from Tunisia and it’s actually the star condiment there.

They call it the ketchup of North Africa. It’S absolutely delicious. The ingredients really depends on what you put in the recipe. A lot of chili peppers, red peppers, little garlic, things like that, it’s absolutely delicious, but here’s what makes me crazy about this. This stuff is not only delicious but guess what zero zero carbs and zero sugar. So that’s going on right. There, chef Roble, describe the taste.

You taste like ketchup yeah, it’s well not! Yet, if you were to add sugar will be catching me, so it’s like an on sugary condiment right. It’S it’s! It’S very common in North Africa. I just like she said like I was learning Moroccan cooking and it’s like it’s their hot sauce, it’s their their chili puree. It’S like imagine like a Chipotle the smoke. It’S like that. That’S what I would say all right.

That’s tough question is how spicy is it? Y’All probably wondering that right, Moroccan spicy, the word catch-up came out, but I’m quite sure it’s that, because there’s no sugar in it, so I’m going to put it to the test, the hot test with bike club members. So I’ve got my ladies here Gabriel. How are you I’m good? Are you so give it a shot scale, one to five? You can put it in there as long as your horses, I can’t say it’s very hot, so I’m going to give it a 5, a 5 definitely hot yeah, not showing on your face.

Oat Milk Benefits and Metabolism

is oat milk healthyI’m impressed I’m trying to marinate it a little bit. Okay, Gabrielle Gabrielle’s. Not so happy, maybe who you’re, okay, what boar? Now, I’m all of a sudden had it’s growing? Oh, my good! Are you kidding me ? Oh yeah yeah. I read the same stuff. Yes, it’s really hot, very hot! Oh gosh! Wow Blair warned me ah not like this Jenny’s still won the fight. Will you put? Oh, my goodness Hannah talk, yeah a little goes a long way.

Thank You Tommy that now yes, all right. So what would you use this in Talk? Give me an idea. Will me I like to use it I like to whip it into scrambled eggs. A little goes, a long way, people whipping into scrambled eggs. I use it to heat up soups. It’S really good at marinades like in a steak marinade or a chicken marinade great, great fun, easy stuff. Where do you find this stuff? If you do want to get harissa, it’s actually pretty common, like I’m, seeing it pop up in grocery stores, all over the place used to be hard to find, but you need it also yeah in the international food section of the grocery store or the condiment section.

Oat Milk is Boosting Foods

I don’t take a spoonful like this to put it in your mouth like Roble yeah, yes, next favorite food under five dollars and the adzuki beans right, the tiny, little bitty food, but big in proteins. Why do you love it so much chef, Rome, a pretty you’ll love the taste of these things. Oh yes, they’re delicious, that imagine like a gentler red bean or a gentler kidney bean they’re like in Asia. This is this is like the kidney bean of Asia they’re everywhere they use them in all different kinds of desserts.

They make it to like this sweet, puree and they’ll do like little like empanada style things with them all kinds of stuff in Asia. They even make an ice cream out of this. Let me try to cool my mouth down: don’t yeah nutritiously! Why do you like this? Well? Because you know what there’s 17 grams of protein in this and that’s a whole lot in one cup? That’S about a third of what a woman needs in a day also.

This is a lot less expensive than a lot of the other proteins out there. So I like that, but here’s my favorite thing they’re actually called you. Okay, dr. Oz, I’m getting concerned, huh they’re! Actually called a weight loss, the weight loss bean because they’ve got so much fiber in there that they help you lose weight and they have 29 other nutrients, making them spectacular weight loss beam while the weight loss, beam, arts, great branding, Maes, you can use your nap Because I actually helped me a lot, you please do it, it worked there.

We are, it helps can’t feel your tongues anymore. You know it’s still. Tingling yeah just keep me once it dries that it helps a little bit. Then just pull really hard as the pain moves from the front to the back of your tongue. How do you use these tsuki beats by the way puts them on saladin? Oh yeah yeah, you can you don’t even have to. I mean they’re readily available now in grocery stores. So if they’re in a can they’re already cooked, you know, take them rinse them off.

You can pop them in a salad, there’s all kind of stuff. You can do it them. You can just like heat them up with a little hint of salt. You know it’s your new bean, so I saved something for you guys. I love the weight loss. Article harissa is oh, it’s hot. I bet you in the right dose would actually very valuable. We wouldn’t be suffering right now: the next five dollar fines growing in popularity amongst the non-dairy yummy, which our biggest show this is called oat: milk, oat milk.

So why is the thing so hot right now? It’s just absolutely exploding in Europe because it has a really delicious taste and it’s a great alternative to the regular milks out there. But here’s where it really shines. If you have a nut allergy and can’t have almond milk wow. This is a really great find. It’s got beta three cans in there, which is good for your cholesterol and, if you buy it perk, if you purchase it in a store, it’s going to have some little D in there.

You know it’s a little nutrition at the subscriber taste of this Roble um. Well, I actually just got put onto this stuff. It tastes like a really nicely made oatmeal right so like I would love to you, I’m I don’t. I don’t drink milk anymore. It doesn’t work with my body anymore, so I’m like this in coffee or in a bowl of cereal or in oatmeal like it’s even more OD. You know it’s there’s so many things you can do with it.