How to Stay Active During Home Isolation

How to Stay Active During Home Isolation

Staying fit and active in self-isolation can be hard!

Our normal routines have changed, and so for many of us, our motivation has got up and gone as we can no longer go to the gym, or work out with friends.

I believes that this is the PERFECT time to stay active and healthy and doesn’t need to be difficult.  Below 6 Tips on how to work out and home and stay on top of your fitness

There are a heap of exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home!

Even if you feel cooped up inside. You’ll feel better once you have done some exercise and it’s also something to do to stop you feeling bored while you’re self-isolating.

6 Tips for Exercising in Home Isolation

1. Train mornings

Do your exercise first thing in the morning before any excuses pop in our head, life hurdles and other distractions take over. Then you never think about exercise again for the whole day! Tick it off!

Home Training

2. Be active with kids

Carry your baby or backpack when walking because the weight will help burn extra calories. OR maybe dance with your toddler or train with kids at an oval/beach/park/back yard. This is a Win/win.

If the children get your attention, or go out walking with you, then they are happier and you also burn calories – LOVE IT!!

Play with kids

3. Exercise makes you happy

After exercise, your brain releases happy hormones that are similar to the same as chocolate and LOVE. You feel good because of Adrenalin, serotonin and dopamine etc.

These happy hormones in theory, helps lift your mood and reduces some depression, anxiety or other negative feelings that may occur over this time. If you exercise, then you will feel better in your body.

4. Celebrate Success! when you have finished daily.

So you can eat on your cheat day and be ok, still lose weight if you eat your favourite food as a reward on the weekend

5. Train with a buddy

Remember you are alone physically, but we are ALL TOGETHER on the APP as THE HEALTHY MUMMY TEAM. Set a time and day in your home or outdoors with your friend for a 15 minutes workout.

Check in with a friend to let them know you have completed! A friend will help to hold you accountable or support each other.

OR shared pain is halved pain. Ladies love feeling like we are in a team doing it together in a community network.

Post in our group and let the community know you have achieved a workout!

train with buddy

6. Consistency

We have spoken to 100s of Mums and they tell us a SECRET to their SUCCESS Weightloss story is ”consistency”.

Be consistent with your training. Try to quickly get into a routine over two weeks, then it hopefully becomes a lifestyle habit. Just think of SIMPLE ROUTINES such as – eating, sleeping, training, breathing and brushing your teeth that last forever.

We don’t think, we just DO IT!!!  ANY ACTIVITY is good activity!