9 Super Foods that help to Prevent heart Attacks

9 Super Foods that help to Prevent heart Attacks

The most silent killer across the world is the Heart Attack.

Hence it is necessary to increase the longevity of the heart.

How can you enhance the life of your blood vessels and various other vital organs? To begin with, there are many ways to prevent this fatal attack – Exercising, Alter your current lifestyle, etc.

9 Super Foods that help to Prevent heart Attacks

Here we are going to give you the list of 9 super the heart friendly superfood items those will positively prevent the heart attacks. Remember we have gathered the list of all the superfood items that are inexpensive but carry a very high nutrition value.

Low Fat Yogurt

Studies have shown nothing but only benefits concerning low-fat yogurt. Not only it helps in reducing the blood pressure (due to extra calcium content) but studies have also shown that it is helpful in weight management as well! A perfect complete food that is high in protein helps digestion and toughens the immune system; in turn it makes your heart and blood vessels sturdy.


Rich in water content Tomatoes is considered to be the best friend of the human the heart. Apart from water, it contains Protein, Calories, Sugar, Fiber, Carbs, and Fat in minute percentage. Also, it is rich with heart-friendly ingredients like Vitamin C and Potassium. Also, it contains Phylloquinone (Vitamin K1) that is excellent for blood clotting and bone strength.


A portion of perfect health food that is rich in Vitamin K1 (significant for blood thickening and bone fitness) Potassium (controls blood pressure) and carries high antioxidants value, Carrots are considered to be the best friend of the heart. Carrots contain very low fat and protein content but rich in Biotin and carbs.


Broccoli is a super mix of Vitamin C, Foliate (generates new cells), folic acid, and potassium. It contains Vitamin K that is good for the heart and fiber (enhances digestion). Regular use of Broccoli in your everyday meal will keep your heart healthy.


Not only the heart but the entire body gets complete nutrients by using a certain amount of Celery twice a day. It supports digestion, reduces inflammation and is considered to be the rich source of antioxidants. A perfect mix of Vitamin K, A, C, and dietary fiber, a meal cannot be complete without Celery!

Pumpkin Seeds

Also termed as Pepita in Mexican Spanish lingo, Pumpkin seed contains a very high level of Magnesium, Antioxidants, and fiber. Not only it improves the health of the heart but it also makes bladder and prostate super strong.


Eating one walnut a day will fetch you Omega 3s that are considered to be the life source of the heart. Excellent in weight management, reduces blood pressure, and inflammation.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Rich in Acetic Acid Apple Cider Vinegar has also proved to kill harmful bacteria. This is one of the traditional heart-friendly food items that should be included in your daily diet. It also helps in reducing belly fat and controls body weight.

Green Tea

Green Tea is considered to be the most heart-friendly and healthiest beverage across the globe and hence tops the list. One or two cups a day will not only eliminate bad cholesterol in blood but also reduce the blood pressure. It improves brain functioning and also reduces the risk of cancer.