7 Symptoms of Prediabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore

7 Symptoms of Prediabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore

Susceptible To Diabetes means – you are not diagnosed with diabetes but still, your blood sugar levels are high. They cross the normal level and hence termed as you are susceptible to diabetes or you have reached a Prediabetic Condition’!

Out of the blue, is it impossible for anyone across the world to know whether he or she is suffering from a Prediabetes? How will you know whether you have fallen prey to Prediabetes or vulnerable to Diabetes?

Symptoms of Prediabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore

It gives you various Indications every day, which can help you to draw some concrete conclusions to whether you are suffering from Prediabetes or not, provided you analyze these Indications accurately.

Read further very carefully to understand the 7 most vital body Indications, which will help you to analyze whether you are prone to Prediabetes or not!

Increase In Your Belly Size

Increase in your weight is directly related to the growth of your stomach fat. If your belly size is increasing disproportionately compared to the rest of your body you are at the border of Prediabetes. With this kind of weight gain, the pancreas is strained more to release extra insulin. And the insulin that is produced cannot perform its job efficiently, which might lead you to Prediabetes.

Increase In Your Blood-Pressure

Increased blood pressure will compel your heart to work extra. It means the heart will pump blood more than normal times to make the entire blood circulation thus adding hypertension. This symptom makes you prone to Prediabetes because excessive sugar cannot be removed from your bloodstreams. Not only you are susceptible to diabetes but it also negatively affects your heart.

Sensitive Skin

Suddenly one fine morning you find a discolored or a darkened spot on your skin. Please do not take it lightly. This can be an indication of insulin resistance. Usually, these dark colors can be seen in the underarms or at the back of the neck. This can be the beginning of a Prediabetic condition.

Unclear Vision

There can be many reasons for fuzzy vision. It can be confirmed as one of the Indications of Prediabetes, provided most of the above-mentioned symptoms are also experienced. Otherwise, it might be some eye-deficiency that can be cured by the eye specialist. Some severe symptoms are difficulty in focusing on one particular object. Even eye-swelling and change in the shape are experienced when the blood sugar levels change from high to low affecting the fluid to leak into your delicate eye-lenses.

Always Famished

If your food is not digested 100% or fails a total breakdown, it directly affects hunger. Due to inadequate food synthesis, the body seldom gets complete nourishment. Hence, it craves more food leaving you famished almost throughout the day. In the Prediabetes (or diabetes) stage there is insulin resistance. Insulin finds it very difficult to move the hormone into your blood cells making you hungry most of the time.

Early Fatigue

Even if you are eating amply, due to Indication number 3 mentioned above, your body never receives 100% nourishment. In turn, you are exhausted due to small physical work. Without proper food synthesis, you might psychologically tend to avoid exercising as you get tired very fast. Also, you might crave for fast-food due to a lack of physical energy that leads you to Prediabetes.

Craving for extra water

Is your body demanding more water than your usual intake? Especially, if your body expects more water after a hearty meal, that might be a Prediabetes symptom. The extra sugar that is trapped in your bloodstream has to be removed hence your body works overtime. In this process, it will dilute the blood to eliminate the untreated sugar through urine. This gives extra strain on the surrounding cells as the body will start hauling water from them, thus leaving you dehydrated. Irrespective of your water intake, you will always be thirsty. This is the most dangerous sign wherein you might have reached a Prediabetes condition.


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If your body is giving you any of the above-mentioned Indications you may be prone to Prediabetes.

Even if you are experiencing one or two symptoms, it is advised to get your blood sugar level checked.