7 Fabulous Uses Of Pumpkin – After Halloween!

7 Fabulous Uses Of Pumpkin – After Halloween!

Can Halloween be called a Pumpkin Season? Lots and lots of carving are in the process when you reading this piece of article. Tons of imaginations are rolling out across the world as Halloween is approaching.

Is pumpkin useful only to make a creepy statuette during Halloween? The answer is NO – as a pumpkin is full of nutrients that will enhance your immunity and fight against all the bacterial infections! It is a seasonal fruit, hence make maximum use of pumpkin in various ways and exhibit your culinary and artistic side to your friends and relatives.

7 Fabulous Uses Of Pumpkin 

Yes, you can use Pumpkin as a health-beneficial ingredient throughout the season!

Pumpkin Face Skin Protection Mask

The main nutrients in pumpkin are Zinc, Antioxidants and rich amounts of Vitamin A & D. All these contents are skin-friendly thus protect the development of wrinkles and age spots. A perfect mix of pumpkin puree and raw honey blended with egg and essential oil will give you this ultimate face-skin protection mask. After putting on your face let it dry for 30 minutes. Wash it with cold water.

Pumpkin Candles

Assemble some items to complete this lovable task – Candle Wicks, Soy Wax Flakes, Miniature Pumpkins, Cinnamon Twig, Pencil/Marker, Tin Foil and adhesive. Cut the top part of the pumpkin and remove all the seeds. Fasten the candle wicks at the bottom by using the adhesive. Roll the entire wick around the pencil. Pour molten wax into the hollow space of pumpkin. Powder the cinnamon sticks and add the powder to the wax. Wait for a minimum of 2 hours till the wax is hardened. Experience the divine aroma after few and spread positive aroma!

Pumpkin Scarecrow

Pumpkin Scarecrow

A seasonal scarecrow in your garden or on a terrace garden to protect your precious plants can be crafted with pumpkin. Decorate it with contrast colors and a cowboy hat to give it a creepy appearance. This scary but beautiful item can be used as an embellished item during Halloween!

Pumpkin Seeds – Homemade Artistries

Pumpkin Seeds

There is a dual benefit of pumpkin seeds. Firstly, you can roast them with salt. A delicious and nutritious snack is ready. Secondly, let your imagination work and create fantastic artworks from the remaining seeds.

Cultivate New Pumpkins In The Garden Or in a Pot

Pumpkins In The Garden

You can germinate the uncooked raw seed and with hardly any additional efforts (except watering), yield excellent homegrown pumpkins within the stipulated period. Point to remember is – spot the difference between the male (borne straight) and female flowers (have tiny fruit bulge at the base). Only female flowers bear fruit!

Decorative Art

Decorative Art pumpkin

Not only the Halloween decoration can be crafted with pumpkin but also other artistic items like Thanksgiving art or a table decoration item can be made with the combination of raw pumpkin and its seeds. Mini pumpkins, which are available in various colors like white, orange, and green, can also be used.

Prepare Pumpkin Superfoods and Specialty Items

Needless to say, pumpkin is full of fiber that has positive effects on your body. This gives you a reduced appetite, thus helping in the weight management program. Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A, C, B2, and E along with Carbs and Protein. You can prepare various dishes like pie, bread, smoothie, drinks, soups, etc.